Friday, August 31, 2007

Time Well Spent

I don't have any stamping to share today. I was just about to sit down and work on a challenge card yesterday when Caroline woke from her nap. She wanted to go outside and blow bubbles, so I put the stamping on hold and went outside with her. We sat on the front porch, just the two of us, blowing bubbles for almost two hours. Sometimes she would blow the bubbles and I would pop them, sometimes I would blow and she would pop, and sometimes I would watch as she blew and popped the bubbles. It's amazing that she NEVER tires of blowing bubbles. It was a beautiful, breezy day, and I can think of nowhere I would rather have been. Our afternoon quickly became full of homework, soccer, and volleyball, and those moments with her were the best part of my day. Caroline starts preschool next week, and I know, since she is our youngest, that those one-on-one times won't be there forever. The stamping can wait -- those two hours on the front porch were definitely time well spent.


Dawn Easton said...

Enjoy your time with her! Blowing bubbles is always fun and to be honest even I don't tire of blowing bubbles...LOL

You are so right, stamping and crafting, can ALWAYS wait...especially for our children! They are so precious!

Shel9999 said...

Awww...those moments really don't last. I'm glad you had that time! How fun!!